Sunday, August 21, 2016

Let there be Light! by Linden Malki

"Let there be Light!' Not just for illumination but for the structure of space itself. "Light" as we know it is just a small part of what this family of energy truly is. We now know that this kind of energy comes in a whole spectra of frequencies, from the long-wave radio bands through the ultra-high frequencies of x-rays and gamma radiation. Like all of God's creation, each has its own place and function. The more we learn, the more awesome (in its literal meaning) it all is.

We are just beginning to understand that matter, or mass, the stuff that we can see and touch, is related to energy--the power that makes it all physically works. We have long used fire to provide light and heat in more and more complex ways, some of them more dangerous than others, but are just learning that in an even more fundamental way, matter can be converted to energy in nuclear reactions. What we have done with this, however, is another example of how we too often use the power that we have in dangerous and evil ways, just as playing with fire can cause the tremendous damage that we have seen and are even now seeing in the mountains and have seen in our own neighborhoods.

Spiritual power, that we see in God's world can be similar. We are right in the midst of moving out of the building that my family and I have been in for many years, and the stress has in some ways brought out the worst in some people. Again, we are capable of doing things and reacting in ways that causes more trouble than we can easily handle. I've seen attitudes and actions that have hindered what we need to do in ways that will have long-range consequences, by people that I know have some acquantaince with God and His principles, but apparently don't have the spiritual discipline to act responsibly. Jesus came to bring Light in a more profound way than we understand--in fact, He IS Light, but we still live in a dark and dangerous world.

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