Sunday, January 24, 2016

NorthPoint has a Kingdom Vision!

Several weeks ago our worship leader Jonathan shared with Pastor Chris and I that a large church in Salinas, California had offered he and Jessica positions.  He shared what an awesome opportunity this would be, but telling NorthPoint would be very hard.  He told Chris and I that his experience at NorthPoint prepared him for his next ministry position.

Chris and I both shared with Jonathan the importance of hearing God's voice, and following His will.  Ministry is not about guilt, shame, or obligation.  Ministry is about joyfully serving Jesus in the place of His leading.  It is about celebrating what God is doing in believers, and in His wider Kingdom.

Today NorthPoint made me proud.  As Jonathan was sharing the door that God is opening I heard comments from the congregation behind me.  "We will take care of your mom."  "Wow, what a great opportunity."  "Praise God."  And of course, "We will miss you!"

That is the spirit a church should have.  An empowering spirit.  A freeing spirit.  An equipping and releasing spirit.  A spirit that rejoices when God lifts up and sends out his servants.

Now let me be clear!!!  Will I miss Jonathan?  Heck yes!  Has he been awesome as our worship leader?  Oh, yes!  But is our ministry to hold, or release?  Is our ministry about NorthPoint, or the Kingdom of God?  You all know the answer to those questions.

Next week will be Jonathan's last Sunday leading worship with us.  February 7th will be a farewell party right after church with the taco team!  Come and share your love with Jonathan!  Come and tell him how his leadership has blessed you!  Come lay hands on him as we bless him, and send him to his next place of service!  As much as I have loved his ministry with us, I can't wait to see what God has for him next.  He is going to serve a congregation with thousands of members, and many experienced musical leaders on staff.  God is getting ready to stretch Jonathan into a whole new shape, and he will continue to be in our hearts and prayers as he grows through it!

I love you all,
and the Spirit God is building into you,
Pastor Paul

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