Monday, January 18, 2016

Love Fanatically (1 John 2:7-14)

One of the things I love about John is his passion for love. He wrote and spoke about it often, making sure we understood that to change a life or culture love must be at the center. The great example he would use was Jesus; a man who changed the world with radical love!
This week we honor a man who chose love as his weapon to change America. While many saw and wanted to change the racism that inhabited this country, one man chose love. There were many groups and people that thought violence and “hate for hate” were the only options. One man looked around, saw the darkness in his countrymen and brothers in faith, and he knew that in order to change hearts he had to bring the light.

What is great about the Martin Luther King Jr. example is that he stood strong and did not waiver in the face of defeat. Though abuses occurred, he knew what was right, and allowed love to win over others. Once people were won over they knew they had to change, they knew they also had to stand up to the wrongs that were being committed. If we truly show the love that Jesus showed, we too can make a difference.
It is easy in our culture to “try on” the love thing; but unless we relentlessly commit, changes will not happen. Whether we are aware or not, people are watching us; they know how committed to love we are, they know how consistently we love. If we want to win others to Christ, if we want to change this culture, if we want our kids to have a better tomorrow, we need to commit to a fanatical love.

My challenge to you this week is to commit to loving those around you. Smile at the people you meet and show that you care to those who need it. Pray for every single person on your Oikos prayer list and love as if they are watching you at all times. Commit this week and tell us your stories in the comment section. I guarantee that if you commit to a life of love God will do amazing things around you!

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