Friday, December 4, 2015

Reflection from tragedy

I was driving in my truck when Karen called to tell me there was an active shooter in San Bernardino.  My mind immediately went to my grandchildren, and their school.  Fear gripped my heart as prayers took form on my lips.  When Karen told me things were unfolding in the South section of our city my mind turned from my own grandkids to those caught in the midst of the moment.

Pastors and chaplains responded to the Rock Church where all of the occupants of the building were taken.  The shock and horror on the faces of the people getting off the buses told the story.  We spent our afternoon passing out water, and listening to the witnesses of the tragedy share their pain.

When I came home I was emotionally exhausted.  All I could think about was the families of the fallen, and wounded.  The looks on the faces of co-workers, friends, and loved ones had penetrated my own heart and deeply impacted me.

Life is so short, and so precious.  Just last week Karen and I were watching the news and talking.  I actually said, "Maybe it is good that we do not live in Washington, New York, or Los Angeles.  Who would want to attack San Bernardino?"

The error of my words remind us of the uncertainty of life.  Anything can happen, anywhere, at anytime.  We are not promised tomorrow.  I do not say that to frighten or depress.  My take away from this experience is very simple.  Be right with God through Jesus Christ so that when my earthly journey is over I can enter eternity with joyful expectancy.  Then, live this earthly life in love, service, and a spirit of humble forgiveness.  Love your spouse, kids, parents, and family.  Love your church family and community.  Pray for the nation, and the world.  Do what you can to make life better for those around you each and every day.

Take time to pray for those who lost so much this week.  Take time to pray for the first responders who did an amazing job.  Stop and tell a police officer, fireman, or medic how much you appreciate the daily sacrifice they make for you!  Pray for our leaders and military around the world that God would guide them and protect them as they serve to keep us safe!

One tangible step you can take is to attend your church this Sunday.
Gather with your community of faith.
Vote for God's plan with your presence.

If you worship at NorthPoint I will see you at 10:00 a.m. Sunday.

Peace and good will to you all,
Pastor Paul    

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  1. God Bless you Dr. Paul. I'm sure many were comforted by your words and compassion.