Saturday, August 22, 2015

Life of Choices--by Linden Malki

Choices can be tough--but they are a constant fact of life. Especially in our society, we are constantly faced with decisions.  And more to the point, we are unavoidably faced with the results of our decisions. 

Some of the decisions we make have long-term results, and may eliminate others.  The major example is a decision to follow Jesus.  if taken seriously, it will keep us out of many major pitfalls. It will also bring other issues in our lives in sharper focus.  We are also provided with not only the instruction book, but with relationships with others on the same path, and with God-in all three Persons--Himself.

The whole concept of "choices" tells us something about God.  If you chase the concept of "chosen" in Scripture, you find both that He has chosen to interact with His creation; and that He wants us to choose to interact with Him.  And our response is a choice that will determine  our life here and forever.

I have heard believers in God who see Him as too big and overwhelming to deal with minor details like us. The evidence that we have, however, of God's Personhood and His desire to love and care for us, includes records of a whole bunch of folks over thousands of years--not just ancient documents, but historical records of real people, including some we may even personally know; not to mention our own experiences.  Choice is part of God's DNA, and  our responsibility  as creatures made in His image.

In addition to the obvious, major decision points that we have faced, some of the stickiest results of our choices are those that are not matters of life and death, or of major commandments, but things that we really wanted and that seemed logical and good at the time.  I find that not having thought things through enough, or paid attention to little warning flags in my brain, or not knowing enough, can create situations that may have repercussions down the line that drastically limit my options; or even bring something to a painful end.  This may not be completely negative;  there are good memories and good lessons.  But then my prayerful response is: OK, God,  how do I get through this, and where are You taking me from here?

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