Monday, June 29, 2015

This past Sunday our church voted to update and revise their constitution and by-laws.  The vote was all yes with two abstentions.  This was exciting for two reasons.

First:  It aligns our written polity with the way we actually govern the church.  It puts our conviction that marriage is between one man and one women into our legal documents.  The traditional practices that tended toward division are gone while accountability is present.

Second:  Strong yes votes by secret ballet confirm the unity and vision of the body.

NorthPoint is a body of believers
committed to raising up
Soul Winning-Disciple Making-Christ Followers.
We believe in the Biblical history of 
Celebration, Life Groups, and Mentoring.

A growing number of believers are going through the sixteen session JumpStart curriculum.  They are going through as a mentee and preparing to be a mentor.  When NorthPoint returns to 3701 N. Sierra Way on August 1, 2015 we want to be ready for those God gives us to disciple.

Join with me in praying for NorthPoint.  We believe that God is leading us into the next, and very exciting, season of life and ministry.  If you do not have a home church, come and join us!  We would love to meet you!

All our love,

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