Saturday, April 4, 2015

One To Many--by Linden Malki

"Good is only achievable one, by one, by one. Evil has a great advantage over good. One pilot can slaughter 149 people. But there is almost no one on Earth who can save 149 lives. Evil has the advantage. One can do massive evil, almost no one can do massive good." (Dennis Prager 04/01/15)  Sorry, Dennis, I disagree!
Yes, there have been air disasters involving many lives lost ever since the early days of flight; some of them were caused by malice, some by careless or ignorance, some by chance.  But there are a few illustrations of heroism and good, as well. One was an attempted hijacking of an Ethopian aircraft in 2014; all 202 passengers were saved and the hijacker arrested.  The Entebbe Airport raid in 1976 resulted in the rescue of 103 hostages with very little loss of life.  In a 1982 crash of Air Florida Flight 90, even though 79 people were killed, one passenger showed great courage in helping save four others at the cost of his own life. Even in the famous sinking of the passenger liner Titanic  in 1912, 1514 lives were lost--but 710 people were rescued.
There are many other cases of large numbers of people having had good things happen to them through the efforts of one person; over the past few weeks I've told several of these stories.  In its own  way, the writing of this blog  is an effort to inspire and bring a good word to a number of people at once.  Mr Prager's own writing, speaking and teaching are also one person doing good to a large group of people; every teacher and preacher in the world is trying to do good for people in groups. Each of Billy Graham's crusades brought life-changing good to hundreds and thousands of people.  Just this afternoon, Elden Smith and I brought enjoyment and the gospel message to over 30 people at the  Rose Garden Residential Care facility and over the course of a year we reach several hundred people with something good.  Many of us have jobs in which we provide some sort of good thing or good service to large numbers of people, some of them matters of life and death.  

This weekend we are reminded of one person who did the ultimate good for a huge number of people, at the cost of his own suffering and horrible death. This One Person, who during the course of His earthly ministry, had done good not to one person at a time, but on several occasions brought food to thousands of people, and many times brought truth and the knowledge of God to many people at a time. The ultimate Good, however,  is what we celebrate this Easter weekend: the sacrifice of Jesus' ONE life as the power to not only pay for our sin--for ALL who will accept; but to demonstrate that Death is not the final , ultimate End.

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