Friday, October 3, 2014

Go for the ORIGINAL--by Linden Malki

When we read Scripture and find that it demands something of us,the first thing we need to know that it is authentic, that it comes from a reliable Source. The first step is to believe that God exists, and rewards those who earnestly seek Him. (Heb 11:6) How do we know He exists? St Paul tells the Romans that "Ever since God created the world, His everlasting power and deity--however invisible--have been there for the mind to see in the things He has made." The writer of  Hebrews also goes on to the historical evidence--the many people who had seen or done amazing things through the power of God. He will demand more than we can do on our own.

'We believe--on good evidence--that the God of the Bible is the authentic, original manufacturer of the universe we live in, the basic source of everything. We find God and His obedient followers in Scripture. What else do we find?  We find people and experiences that do not live up to what is needed; some that do not have a connection with the true God; and some who found or made false gods for their own reasons. Do we recognize what is going on here?

Looking at the stuff I deal with every day, I see some parallels.
The first question my customers often asks about a part we offer is "Who made it? "  "Is is original?" Some of what we have available is original, in a genuine factory package.  We have some parts that are "original equipment supplier" items, made to factory specs by companies that deal with the original factories. In our Christian life, we have available the experiences and wisdom of people who are connected with the Creator and live according to His specifications. In my world, we get some things are from outside sources, not connected with the original factories. They are only as good as their fidelity to appropriate materials, original specs, and quality workmanship. In the church world, there have always been people  who put out a more or less good imitation of godly wisdom, and can be anywhere from "right on" to barely recognizable. In the business world, there is cheap junk, made who knows where, intended for those who are easily satisfied with cheap and close enough. Often this will have a brand name designed to mislead: "First Equipment Quality" or "Genuine". And there is counterfeit--lookalike packaging, fake logos, designed to fool customers, just as we find folks who peddle imitation spirituality and counterfeit gods.

I've always been "picky" about what I sell; to find the best combination of as close to original as I can at a fair price.  People are nice enough sometimes to let me know that something they got from us fixed what they needed. If we are in a saving relationship with God, we need to understand He is the genuine Maker of the Universe, learn as much as we can from the best sources and our best connections with Him, so that He can fix the broken stuff in us, and we can become the people we were created to be.

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