Friday, December 20, 2013

God Reaches Out To His Creation! --by Linden Malki

 There are those who say there is no God--but as for one group of shepherds, they believe! God has been reaching out to touch His people since the beginning. He walked with Adam in the Garden; He confronted Cain about what happened to his brother Abel, He told Noah to build a boat.  He led Abraham to a new homeland; and sent an angel to wrestle with Jacob.  He met Moses in the desert--for 40 years. He sent Joshua through the Jordan and marching around Jericho. We find Him confronting judges, and kings, and prophets through centuries and places and reports by a wide variety of writers.

And then it happened. There is some logic in confronting a priest in the Temple. But then He sent messengers and messages to a girl in Nazareth, a baby in his elderly mother's womb, a man in a dream. And one night that group of shepherds saw Him rip open the night sky to confront them with a still-remembered message and a glimpse of an angel-filled Heaven.

And then, after a short human lifespan, He blew the stone door off of a rock-hewn tomb.

And then, spiritual fire in a roomful of praying folks in Jerusalem who went out and changed a street crowd into a Church. Then knocked Saul of Tarsus off his horse and blazed a message across the Roman world; and gave a prisoner at hard labor on a small island a vision of ultimate triumph.

Echoes of that day still reverberate in human history. He spoke to Patrick on a mountain in Ireland, Augustine in a garden, Francis in a ruined chapel in Assisi, Martin Luther in a German monastery, Adoniram Judson on a boat to Burma, David Livingstone in the heart of Africa, William Wilberforce before the Parliament in London, and ....

He still speaks, if we are willing to listen.

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