Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We Need Humans by Pastor Paul

I am amazed by the multiple levels of computer menus that exist to keep me from talking to another human being.  The same is true on the phone.  My favorite is when I am six or seven levels deep in my conversation with the mechanical voice and things go silent.  Hello?  Hello?  Hello?

Rabbi Lapin says that major companies actually computer screen calls.  They sort between customers who pay their bills on time, and those who do not.  Good customers get to a human quickly, bad customers are routed in never ending circles.

I have been reloading my computer these past three weeks and have spent hours on the phone with tech support.  The words, "Do not worry, we will do everything necessary to resolve your problem." are ingrained in my subconsciousness mind.   Then the tech begins reading from line one of their script.  I have a feeling that if I told the tech a giant lion had just entered my home with the intention of eating me that he would say, "Do not worry, we will do everything necessary to resolve your problem."  I am certain those words would comfort me as the lion pounced.

This blog finally emerged when I went to the web site of my computer security firm.  I pressed the live chat button.  A pop up emerged and let me know that I needed to download and run the virtual tech before I would be allowed to speak with a human.  One more layer of separation.

Even when you go to a "real place" the bank teller is behind bulletproof glass and the person taking your fast food order is on the other side of a speaker.

God did not design us to argue with computers and talk to other humans through a plexiglass shield.  Yet, that is the world in which we live.

In this context Life Groups offer an amazing opportunity and a serious challenge.  They give us the opportunity to eat, pray, laugh, cry, share and socialize with other humans.  They give disconnected people an opportunity to connect.

The challenge is teaching people how to have an honest person to person, face to face experience.  The challenge is getting peoples eyes off the screen of their "device" and into the eyes of another human.

This is not an easy journey.  As annoying as machines can be, there are advantages.  If I cuss them out or turn them off they don't get there feelings hurt.  If I say or do the wrong thing I can simply hang up and redial.  Even if I am on the phone with another human, I can mess up, hang up, call back, and most likely get another person, probably in a different country.

Long term face to face interaction with other people is fraught with danger.  What happens when we say the wrong thing, do something inappropriate, or fail to meet an expectation?  In the world we just disconnect!

In the Kingdom we confront, repent, forgive, discuss, hug, love, laugh, cry, and move on together!  Doing business with humans is never easy... but it is awesome!  Get ready to look away from your devices for a couple hours each week.  Get ready to lock eyes with some of God's amazing children.  Open your heart to the tremendous things God has planned for you.

Be praying now for the Life Group you will join in August!
It is almost time to connect!

Pastor Poppie Paul

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