Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nobody Should Be Alone by Pastor Paul


There were six people in the shop as I walked up to the counter.  Four worked there, two others were customers.  I walked up and placed myself in the socially proper position.  Close enough to the counter to show I needed help.  Far enough back to respect those already doing business.

I waited patiently!

One man was going over his receipt with an employee on the left side of the counter.  Two men were measuring screens for the lady on the right.  I stood a few feet back in the middle.  The fourth employee walked back and forth behind the counter.
Time went by.

I waited in silence!

The man finished and left.  The employee who had been helping him turned and walked back to his computer without a word.  One of the men helping the lady left the conversation.  He walked back to his computer without a word.
More time went by.

I waited invisibly,
ignored and unacknowledged by the staff,
certain I had brushed my teeth that morning!

One man continued to help the lady.
Two men worked on their computers.
One man continued moving around the shop.
Nobody even looked in my direction.
Lot's more time went by.

I stood alone, feeling stupid, ignored, unimportant, and disrespected.
I would have turned and walked away except I needed what they were selling.
So I waited in polite frustrated silence.

I imagined having a teaching moment with the staff!
 "I am here, I am a customer, and I matter!"
I am the reason you are in business!
Stop staring at your computer.
Stop walking back and forth.
Look at me, pay attention,
I am here waiting for you!

As I waited and watched the busy workers,
I began to have my own teaching moment with myself,
about how I welcome worshipers to NorthPoint!

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