Tuesday, May 7, 2013

When you hear the same thing three times! By Pastor Paul

When I hear something once it might slip by.
When I hear something twice I pay attention.
When I hear it three times in a row I fully engage!

Last week I was fully engaged three times by God's Word!

On Sunday our missionary Michael Weiss and I stood in the parking lot of the Elks Lodge prior to worship.  As we talked, Michael sensed that God was leading him to change the message and share about Gideon.

On Wednesday evening Karen and I taught our Life Group Kids Slot.  The material was several weeks behind because of unavoidable circumstances.  The lesson was on Gideon.

And on Wednesday, when Karen went to do her devotions... you guessed it... Gideon!

So what is the message?

Gideon was hiding under the ground when God called him a mighty warrior.  Gideon raised up 32,000 soldiers, God sent 31,700 of them home.  When three hundred Israeli's beat the massive forces of Midian it was for one reason!  God wanted to get the glory!

As NorthPoint prays about selling our Sierra Way property and buying 764 Inland Center Drive it is easy to connect us with the Gideon story.  On Easter Sunday several years ago there were 650 people.  This past Easter there were 100ish in the parking lot at Castaways Restaurant.  Before the financial collapse of 2010 there were 350 active people.  Today there are around 100 in Life Groups and 75 in Celebration.

So what is the point?  Eight years ago I was talking about moving NorthPoint down near the 215 fwy.  Eight years ago I stood in the Sierra Way parking lot and told God that "if something is going to happen here He will need to do it with His Spirit."  Now, eight years later, The Way is rocking the North End on the Sierra Way property, and NorthPoint is looking at a property one block off the 215 freeway!

Whatever happens next... you can be certain of one thing!
We did not do it and God will get the glory!

I can't wait to see what God does next,

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