Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Do It Anyway by Pastor Poppie Paul

I loved this past Sunday morning
at NorthPoint!  Frank was on the sound board.  Darren was leading worship.  Chris and Dougie
were team preaching!

After hours of practice and preparation Dougie went front
and center to deliver his first ever Sunday sermon.  I think he said, "Oh my gosh, I'm so nervous" at least four times!  But he kept on going!

He and Chris did a great job,
and left us with one clear message!
Read the Bible for yourself.
Let God speak to you.  Do it with a hardbound book.  Do it on your computer.  Do it with your Kindle.  Listen on your phone.  Just do it!

But there was another message for me this Sunday.  Our worship leader is learning the sound board.  Our guitarist is leading the worship.  A 60" flat screen upgraded our Sunday video presentation.  And a man who works with glass for a living stood front and center to deliver God's Word.  That's what God is doing at NorthPoint.  That's what equipping saints for the work of the Ministry is all about!

That's what happens when the Holy Spirit stirs up God's Word down in your soul
and Jesus invites you to do new and amazing things for His Kingdom!  You've gotta love it!

Have a great week,
Pastor Paul

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