Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monday in Ejido Hidalgo... Pastor Paul

 Wow!  What a great day!  We began with 1100 people in worship... then headed to our Ejido.  We did VBS for 40 kids while 30 adults watched from the wings.

We sang, taught, played games, ate snack, and hugged kids.

Tonight 13 people from our site came to dinner at the APU site.  It was bring your ministry site to camp night!  We ate together at the camper, then a bi-lingual worship service with over 3,000.

Tomorrow... 7:00 breakfast, 8:00 worship, 9:15 painting at a school, 12:00 lunch, 1:00 VBS, 4:00 teach adults Celebracion, Grupos de Vida, La Tutoria, with OIKOS at the center.  Then, if we make it, back for worship at 8:00pm.  Pray for us!!!!
 Love you all,
see you soon!
Pastor Poppie Paul

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