Thursday, February 7, 2013

Oikos 1,2,3: Simple, Not Easy - Pastor Chris

"It would be a mistake to confuse simple with easy..." - Tom Mercer

Weight Loss, Getting in Shape, and Saving Money are just a few of the things in life that are simple but not easy. Another one of those things is evangelism. The plan that Jesus laid out is simple, but it is not easy. His plan is that you would tell people about him. Simple right? There is only one complication, "You." It is not easy, we must do it. We must continue to do it. We must persist at it. Like many other things that are simple but not easy, they only work if we do them, if we follow the plan.

I am not challenging you to stand on a soap box in a busy marketplace, or become a TV evangelist. God has given you 8-15 people in your life. These are people you see and spend time with every week. Let us all commit to do what is hard, and follow the simple plan that God has given us to reach those people in our lives.

Share you story with them. Share what God is doing in your life with them. If they are believers, encourage them. If they are hopeless, share God's hope. If they have troubles, share God's comfort.

Let us all do what is hard, the simple stuff!

Pastor Chris

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