Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mexicali Advance Day Two

 After a great taco meal and a good nights sleep in a five star bunkhouse Chris and I awoke to begin Day Two.

V, Israels wife, made us all a great breakfast, and then we headed out for a drive through the valley around Mexicali.  The countryside is beautiful and reminded us of Fresno.  We visited three churches and and meet three pastors. 

One church seemed a bit traditional.  One church was a bit urban, on a busy street corner.  The other church clicked for Chris and I both.  The pastor, his wife, and their kids were very gracious.  They are a small church of 12 adults, 8 teens, and 12 kids.  The sanctuary is located in a Ejido, or small town.  It is a rural community of dirt streets and 1,000-1,500 people.

 They are looking for a new approach to reaching their city.  We talked about Oikos Evangelism, Cell Groups, Mentoring and they were very excited.  Chris and I are sensing an opportunity to do a VBS with the children for a week.  And to leave a fresh vision for outreach that will impact the church all year.  We are also sensing there might be a long term opportunity for us to partner with this gracious pastor, his family, and this church.  In the past, American churches have partnered with this church and done VBS's for 30-50 local children.

I feel God stirring in this opportunity.  When Chris and I left the church we both found many ideas swirling in our hearts and minds.  Our prayer is that God will put a call on 5-10 others in our church who would like to go on a ministry adventure!  We have a great opportunity to do ministry with children, and to sow a fresh vision in a faithful church!  I pray God taps you to go with us!  I also sense our church will experience a fresh sense of purpose as we encourage churches in Mexico and Africa.  What a great opportunity!

Have a blessed day,
and be praying for our next trip!


  1. What a blessing this was. I loved going down there to minister to small churches.

  2. You are welcome to join us if you can!