Thursday, January 24, 2013

Goal Setting: Pastor Chris - Enjoy the Detours

Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jonah, Paul... What do all these guys (and many other men and women of the bible) have in common. God diverted their paths and took them on a detour.

What did Noah do before God asked him to build a boat? What did Paul do before he became a pharisee? What did Jesus do from the age of 12 until he was 30? The bible does not give us those answers.

I am sure that each of these men had goals for their lives and they may have been great goals, but God took them on a detour. Does this mean that Goals are bad? Nope, not as long as we allow God to interrupt them. I think God uses our goals to prepare us for his goals.

I once had a professor say, "if you are trying to make a decision between 2 good things, than flip a coin to finalize the choice." As a young bible student I was looking for a much more profound answer. But the truth is, God leaves a lot of our lives up to us, and when he wants to direct us he will make it very clear. Burning bush, vivid dreams, whales, talking donkey's, etc...

When God speaks to people he is clear, listen carefully, stay in his word, connect with him in prayer. I would encourage you to live the day to day life that God lays out in scripture and then expect His detours.

Pastor Chris

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  1. The next step after flipping the coin is to examine your reaction to the result--usually that will clarify your mind.