Friday, December 14, 2012

God Given Stepfathers by Pastor Poppie Paul

 I was born in 1955 at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.  My birth certificate read Paul Alton Sandifer.  I deeply love and esteem my Texas family.  My grandfather, Perry Alton Sandifer shared part of his name, his love, and his blessing.  I cherish Perry Sandifer, his kinfolk, and all the good they have done for me.

But when I was five years old God did an amazing thing.  The man in the blue sweater, standing by the boy in the white shirt, married my mother, adopted me, and changed my name to Paul Martin Reinhard.

Paul came from my uncle who died in childhood.
Martin came from my maternal great grandfather.
Reinhard came from Frank!

And Frank Reinhard is the only man I have ever called father.
Because Frank Reinhard adopted me, loved me, raised me, and called me his own.
I will never stop thanking God for the gift he gave me as a five year old child.

God gave Jesus a gift 2,000 years ago.
The Holy Spirit supernaturally fathered Jesus.

But Joseph named him.
Dedicated him at the Temple.
Fled with him to Egypt.
Looked for him when he was lost in the city.
And gave him a carpenters trade!

Maybe Joseph holds a special place in my heart
because I am really a Paul Alton Martin Sandifer Reinhard.

Anybody can make a baby,
but only a father gives you his life!

Jesus had the best of both worlds!
So did I!

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