Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kingdom, Power and Glory--Linden Malki

A "Kingdom" implies power. The point of being King is to exercise power over someone. When the Israelites came to Samuel and demanded a king (I Samuel 8), he described the demands that a king would make. (I think of this passage often watching modern politicians.) Political power is all about control, often with the best of intentions and ostensibly for our own good. The problem with that is that the root of political ambition is our own view of "good", which is never good enough. When the rich young man came to Jesus and called Him "Good", Jesus' response was that no one was truly good except the Father.

This puts the Kingdom of God in a whole different class than any earthly kingdom, or any earthly power. No human being can be trusted with power, while God is ultimate trustworthiness. So the Kingdom of God, exercising the Power of God, will be a Glory which is beyond our earthly imaginations.

God does allow us glimpses of His Kingdom tapping into His Power for His Glory, in the here and now. We had the blessing last Sunday morning of seeing a young man taking a step further into the Kingdom of God, pledging himself to operate only in the Power of God, and to do everything to the Glory of God. We at Calvary/Northpoint have been privileged to watch and help Michael White grow as a subject of his King, and now commission him to God's service in a new province of God's Kingdom.

We pray that the Glory of God be seen in the church family in Big Bear as they commit to serve with a new shepherd, that the Kingdom will grow as the Power of God works through His people. We also pray that Michael's passion for making disciples will bear fruit here at Northpoint as we also seek the Power and Glory of God in His Kingdom.

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