Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Thy Kingdom Come"- The Marshmallow Man - Dougie Spence

By now you have probably realized that I am not a pastor, nor do I have a Doctorate in Biblical studies. I am just an average dude who somehow landed a gig writing for the church blog, I’m still not sure how it happened. I think that as long as I keep coming up with stories, the pastors won’t realize that an intruder is writing on the blog site. Well, that is until this week.
This week the section we are on is “thy kingdom come”. For the life of me I cannot think of a cute story or fun anecdote about my life that relates to “thy kingdom come”, in fact when I was thinking about how to write this blog I realized that I had no idea what that even meant! So I went into research mode. When I say research mode I actually mean hours of staring at a computer, where I eventually end up on Facebook.
When I finally got down to business I realized that there are many interpretations for “thy kingdom come”. Some seemed reasonable, some thought that it meant that we are to pray for this life to be over so we can be in heaven (which sounds a little morbid to me), and I think some weirdo related it to the marshmallow man in Ghostbusters… not saying it was, but that might have been my original idea.
When I started doing some word searching in my Bible I came across a crazy verse that brought a whole different perspective to me. Matthew 12:28,  “But if it is by the Spirit of God that I cast out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you”. It sounds like Jesus is saying that we will experience the kingdom of God when the Spirit of God is at work in our lives.
When we experience healing, witness miracles, and see a life transformed by God, that is experiencing the kingdom Of God. I just got done reading the book of Acts; in it we see that Paul and Luke experienced the kingdom of God on a pretty frequent basis. I want to see that happen in my own life. I know that I will be praying “thy kingdom come” often and with boldness. I want God to use me to make an impact on the people around me.
If you have witnessed the Spirit of God working around you, please share your stories in the comment section.

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