Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hallowed Be Thy Name: What's In a Name - Pastor Chris Reinhard

Have you ever called someone by the wrong name? Have you ever been called the wrong name? It can be a little embarrassing for both parties involved. There are certain phrases you can use to avoid the situation, but they can still be a little awkward.

How are you doing, man?
What's up dude?
Hello my brother, or my sister. (getting that wrong is a whole other topic)

And the longer you know a person the more awkward it becomes. So what's in a name?

Names are important not because they are a methodically arranged set of letters that can be uttered from the mouth of one person and understood by the ears of another to be talking about a specific person. A name is important because it is symbolic. It symbolizes our character, our nature, our person-hood. Our name is what set's us apart from others. When you think of someone by name, you don't think of the letters you think of the person.

God's name is of the utmost importance, many times I feel as though we underestimate this. One of the most famous verses on this is, "thou shalt not take the Lord's name in vain." But even this we do not understand. This is so far beyond using God's name as a curse word. This is more about claiming his name on your life, and not living up to it. His name is so Hallowed (different, set apart), that if you claim that name on your life, if you claim to be one of his children, and don't live up to it, it is sin. We must take it seriously when we claim the name of God, or Jesus Christ, on ourselves. Now we no longer just represent ourselves, but Him as well.

What about you, Are you keeping his name Holy by the way you represent it?


God Bless
Pastor Chris

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