Thursday, August 2, 2012

Evangelism - Italian - Pastor Chris Reinhard

Tuesday night Shannon and I went on a date and decided to go to this great Italian place called Carino's. We had been there once before a year or so ago and decided to go again. When we walked in the wait staff greeted us in a friendly manner, they sat us promptly and got our drinks. When the food came it was fresh and very good, I really like the fried mozzarella. The Prices were pretty reasonable. I will go back again, in fact you should go with me. Maybe we can all go together.

What? Wait. You mean this is not a food blog. Nope, we are talking about evangelism. The best evangelism is just sharing your experience. We can do the same thing I did above in sharing our faith with people. The best evangelism is sharing your experience with God. Why you went to him in the first place, what your experience was, how it impacted you and inviting them to join you next time.

We evangelize all the time (share the good news) we just don't do it in regards to our faith like we should. We tell people about restaurants we went to, movies we saw, books we read etc...

I know one thing for sure, the more time I spend with God, the more he impacts my life, and the more I want to share that with others. So maybe the secret to being a better evangelist is to be a better disciple. If God is making an impact in your life you will naturally want to talk about it with others. On the other hand if you don't have a vibrant growing relationship with God than your evangelism will seem forced and unnatural, like a salesman selling a product he himself does not use.

So you want to be a better evangelist, be a better disciple, the evangelism will come naturally out of that.

And that is the best kind of Evangelism.


Pastor Chris

Are you eating the "food" that God provides, so that you can share how it "tastes" with others?

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