Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life Notes: Lessons From John - Pastor Chris Reinhard

Ice Breaker: Have you ever been fishing?  What was your experience? Did you catch any fish?
Spend some time disconnecting from the crazy day by focusing on God through worship, prayer or scripture reading.
This we week we are preparing ourselves for the Series that Pastor Paul is going to be taking us into. Over the next few weeks our church will be diving into the books of 1, 2, and 3 John. But in order to have a context and understanding of these books, I believe it is important that we know a little something about John. For those of you that were a part of our Sunday Celebration, did you learn anything new about John, or did anything in particular stand out to you?
1.    For John, it all started with his call. It started the same place for us as well. Take a minute and share with your group God’s original call on your life. Where were you, what was it like, did you respond like John?

2.    Read Mark 10:35 – 41 together. What do you think would prompt James and John to ask this question?

3.    How did Jesus Respond?

4.    How did the disciples respond? Why do you think they responded that way?

The scripture does not give us the exact reason they are asking this question. I would like to assume that they were not just Power Hungry, but that they wanted to be as close to Jesus as possible. In a sense, Jesus answer may confirm that. He did not scold them, but encouraged them,  gave them some prophecy about their future and only after the Disciples became indignant did he talk with them about serving one another.
5.    Have you ever seen people in the church fight over power, or position? Have you ever seen someone get jealous or indignant when one person is elevated above another? Have you ever been jealous or indignant when one is elevated above you?

6.    Is it okay to seek positions of influence?

7.    How should we as believers respond when others are elevated or ask to be elevated to positions of power?

8.    According to Jesus In Mark 10:42-45, how should we as believers conduct ourselves?

9.    Last of all, in what areas do you need to more like John, and in what areas do you need to be less like John?

Have a couple of people in your group share 1 family member that they are praying will come to know Christ. Spend a few minutes praying that God would open their hearts. Remember, this is not a time to share another’s sin; instead use this as a time to look forward to what our family friends could do or be, if they knew Christ.

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