Friday, June 1, 2012

Obedience Doesn't Always Get a Second Chance!

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When I think of the word obedience there is one story that I will never forget.  It was 1986 and my daughter Jennifer was three years old.  She was at that wonderful, full speed ahead age.  Jennifer has always had her own opinion of how the world should work.  And at three, she might do what I wanted her to do, or she might do what she wanted to do.

We were hiking the trail that is at the very end of Kings Canyon.  The trail begins where the road ends.  We were doing the normal family stuff.  Chris, Karen, Jen and I were running and playing, skipping and jumping.  We were enjoying the beauty of God's creation.

At one point I was a bit ahead, Jennifer was running along behind, and Chris was walking with Karen.  I ran up and over a little wooden bridge that crossed a small creek.  Once on the other side it occurred to me that I should watch the three year old as she crossed over the bridge.  When I turned I saw the large rattlesnake coiled up in the shade of the second step.  I was fifteen or twenty feet away from the snake.  Jennifer was only a few feet away and ready to head down the stairs.  In total terror I screamed out!  "Stop!"  "Don't move."

It is very possible that Jennifer's life hung in the balance of those moments.  She was young, the snake was large, we were far from help, and nobody had ever heard of a cell phone.  I had roused the snake when I jumped over him.  If Jennifer followed me she would step right on him.  By the grace of God, she stopped.  I ran back, moved the snake, and heaved a sigh of relief.

How often does our heavenly Father see the danger that is just in front of us?  How often does God call out to us through His Word, a friend, a song, or a sermon?  How often do we hear His voice, and trust that Father really does know best?

A key part of raising our children is teaching them to obey.  We must help our children to understand that a spirit of obedience positions them to receive the blessings of God and men.  A spirit of self will, and disobedience, positions them for punishment and suffering both in this life and the life to come! 

Remember:     It's to late to teach obedience when your child is standing on the snake!

Blessings, wisdom, and grace to you and yours!

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