Friday, June 22, 2012

Leading Life Groups: Be A Rock! Pastor Paul

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Around 1984 I became the Director of Youth at Sunland Baptist Church.  It was the beginning of summer and we did a "kick off" beach trip.  I will never forget the two junior high boys who showed up for that first trip.  They had these insecure, frustrated, doubtful looks on their faces. When they realized that they were the only ones they asked me the key question!
"Are we still going?"  
They were asking me much more than one simple question.  They were asking me if they had value, if they were important, if they were going to be embarrassed if they brought friends to future events, and if this youth ministry was gong to succeed!  My answer was simple... "Of course we are going!"  Karen, Chris, Jennifer, two boys, and myself jumped into my VW Van and headed for Santa Monica Pier.  
We swam, played, boogie boarded, ate lunch, and had a great day.  By summers end we were taking 35 people to the beach.  It all began by making two youth feel tremendously special.  It was having an awesome time with those God sent, and trusting Him to send more.
Years ago I heard an Amway Triple Diamond distributor tell about driving into the country to do a meeting for a young distributor.  When he arrived there was one middle aged  man in the room to hear the presentation.  He gave his presentation, the man signed up, and eventually became the single largest producing leg of his business.  I remember Bob Crisp saying, "Don't ever do a bad meeting!"  You never know who is sitting there listening.
If that is true for Amway, how much more important is it for the Kingdom of God.  You have no idea what God is doing, or what the people coming to your house need!  Say your prayers and work through the notes with one, or twelve.  You won't know what God is doing until eternity!

Have a great week,
Pastor Paul

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  1. Great story and illustration. I'm starting a home Bible study because the we've tried to attend keeps being canceled. When my wife and I started a multiplied group at a church, we showed up every week to an empty room for two months before people started coming!