Thursday, June 21, 2012

Leading Life Group: Glasses - Pastor Chris Reinhard

Being a life group leader is a lot like being a pair of glasses. A couple of weeks ago I had to get a new a pair of glasses. The reason was that I began to notice them. When I would sit to read I would notice the scratches on the lenses. When I would work on the computer I would notice they were a little out of focus. When I would come inside I would notice the tinting still lingering on the lenses. It was time for new glasses.

Being a Life Group Shepherd is a lot like being a pair of Glasses. No, I am not saying it is time to trade your leader in for a new one. The job of glasses is to help you focus on what you are looking at. A good pair of glasses should never even be noticed by the wearer. The weight should be light, the lenses clear, the focus sharp and the tint just right.

As a Life Group Leader our job is just that. We should not be noticed. Our job is to focus the group on Jesus. If we are doing our job, people won't even see us, they will just see Jesus. As soon as the focus moves to us we begin to have problems. It is not about how smart we are, or how spiritual we are, or about how we have all the answers (though I am sure most of you do), it is about helping our groups focus their eyes on Jesus Christ. If we have done that, we have succeeded.

Now, We all have scratches. Let us each pray every day that God will continue to buff our lenses, and make us more and more like him, so that we can point people more clearly to him as well.

What kind of glasses are you?


Pastor Chris

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