Thursday, May 10, 2012

Outward: Blinders - Pastor Chris Reinhard

If I don't make eye contact with the guy at the gas station, maybe he won't ask me for money! If I walk by the signature gatherer in front of the grocery store fast enough, maybe they won't bug me! If I walk through the mall with intention and keep turned the other way, maybe the cell phone salesman will leave me alone! If I keep my head down when I get home from work and quickly walk from the driveway to the house maybe the neighbor won't come over and bug me about my yard! 

Do you ever want to just put the blinders on and go about your day? Maybe I am the only one who has ever had these thoughts, but I doubt it. We are so inundated with needs, wants, concerns and criticism that our natural protective reaction is to shut them out. On the other hand what are we missing out on when we do that. I am not saying that we have to let everyone in, but we may want to take off our blinders and look around a little more. 

On the way out of our condo the other day Shannon, being friendly, said "good morning" to our neighbor, a young lady that lives next door. This opened the door for the young lady to ask a question: "what do you guys do here on Wednesday nights, I always hear singing?"

Well, Wednesday nights is our life group. What an amazing opportunity for Shannon to share with her. Over the last week the neighbor has been over to our house a couple of times. Shannon helped her with a ride to school, and she wants to join us on Wednesday and bring a friend. 

All of this because Shannon took a moment, looked up, and said "Good Morning." This is not the first time she said Good Morning, but it turned out to be the right time. 

Lift your head up, remove the blinders, see who is around you and share God's Love with someone!

God Bless,
Pastor Chris


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