Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Looking Forward--Letting Him In and Letting Him Out, by Linden Malki

Think about the heart: blood comes in, blood is pumped out. If it doesn't get in, it can't get out. If the output valve or artery is blocked, fresh blood can't get in. Either way--you're dead.(This metaphor came out of a discussion with a lady from one of our groups--and she said she'd watch for it on my blog.) This is the way we are physically designed. Not only does the heart beat but our lungs suck in fresh air and let out stale air. We eat so that we may expend energy. Our very lives depend on each heartbeat, each breath and each meal.

We are created this way on a lifetime scale as well. First, we drink in God's love, and begin learning the basic stories, concepts and principles. Then we work on digesting it, fitting it all together; what does it mean? Sometimes this stage is challenging for people around us as we ask tough questions and express theories. Sometimes we get stuck. If we are honest with ourselves and open to God, we will come out in a place where our will truly and willingly lines up with God's will for us. Then what God has done in us will overflow through love, service, obedience and the use of our spiritual gifts.
This week we are talking about mothers and others who have been at our sides as we grow physically and spiritually, in grace and wisdom. Families were designed by God to provide nurturing and discipleship, even though we don't always live up to the design. Communities of all kinds are provided, at best to also support and help us grow. Celebration gives us the opportunity to praise God and share in worship and teaching. Life Groups bring us to together as a spiritual family to encourage and care for each other. Mentors point us to God's design for our lives. Spiritual maturity is not a do-in-yourself project; it is a process in which we are challenged, taught, guided and supported by others along side of us on the same journey. We have as a guide the Holy Spirit, and the presence of Jesus with us. And we will never get to the end on this earth; because we were not created for this world, but for the presence of God. We are made to grow toward the Kingdom of God and away from anything that is not fit for His presence.
God fills us and we are called to absorb it and turn it into an outgoing spiritual gift. We are not called to simply drink it in and do nothing; He can only give us more of Himself as we let Him out into our world.

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