Thursday, April 26, 2012

Upward: Like A Child

On a rainy day not too long ago I was sitting on the couch in our living room enjoying a comforting fire in the fireplace. On the floor my two kids were playing very contently (which does not happen often enough). I just sat, watching them. They were playing with each other, playing with their toys and having a good time. I will tell you, it brought a huge sense of joy into my heart and a smile spread across my face.

Was it what they were doing that made me smile? Was it the setting that made me smile? I don't think so, because it has happened many other times before that and since then. The reason I was smiling is because they were my kids, and I love them. Not for what they have done, or what they have given me, or how good they are. I love them for the mere fact that they are my children. 

Through these times of watching my kids, God has given me a small glimpse about how he feels for me. He loves me because I am his Child. It is not because of what I do, or what I give him, or what I accomplish, it is solely because I am his Child. 

As I get that glimpse of God's love for me, it stirs in me a love for Him that I cannot always understand. I can only love God in response to his deep, filling, Love for me.

-Pastor Chris


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  1. Chris: Reading your blog, about your children in front of the fireplace, made me think of all the happy moments that I spent at my grandfathers fireplace. And in my parents living room with their fire burning, and with you and our family around campfires. There is a generational component to love. It continues up and down the chain, forever. I love you , Dad