Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life Groups: Taking the Christian Life Seriously-Linden Malki

Life Groups aren't for wimps! Folks in Life Groups are brave enough to take the Christian life seriously. You could be old or young in years, old or young in the faith, or even just curious about what it's about. A Life Group is a safe place to share insights, ask questions, and figure out what God is doing in your life. And God isn't content with just listening to us talk. There is a "Life" that we're called to live as well. He has something up His sleeve that we are supposed to be doing, both as individuals and groups. I have found that after spending time and prayer with a group, it is easier for me to let God into my everyday life, and am amazed at some of the conversations I have with amazing people that God puts in my path. 

Back when the Choir was just a group who sang in church, we talked about going out to care facilities and sharing the Gospel in music. For the last year and a half, the Choir Team Life Group has put feet to our talk, and gone to an average of one facility or home a month with a program of traditional hymns and country Gospel. This has given us an opportunity to put music to what we hear on Sundays and discuss within our group, and share it with people who can't get out to worship. 

But the most important member of each Life Group is Jesus Himself, who promised to be with those who gather in His name. We are called to be His Body; He is the Head at the center of what we do, in worship, in our LIfe Groups, and in our 24/7 lives.
Linden Malki

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