Saturday, April 7, 2012

Playing Hookey - Michael White

Playing Hooky!

By Michael White

I loved “playing hooky” from school! In fact, back in my junior year of high school, I
ditched school over 40 days. I thought it was so cool being away to play. Sometimes
I even ditched just to get caught up on legitimate school work.

Ever “played hooky” from church? Yes, me too! There have been days when I just
wanted a break or to play with my family. There are also times when I just need
extra time to get important work done. Who doesn’t…right?

Yet, there’s a part of my high school story that you need to know. Even though I
had great reasons to be away, I ended up with poor grades and even failed English.
You can’t expect to excel when you’re not there to grow. A truth I was painfully
reminded of during summer school and in my senior year as I retook junior English!

Too often we “play hooky” from church and somehow still believe we can excel in
our faith. I’ve heard so many people say, “I don’t need to go to church to worship
God. I can do that anywhere.” Yes that’s true BUT…the Sunday Celebration service
isn’t just about worshipping God. That’s a daily given, not just reserved for Sundays.

Sunday Celebration is one of the primary avenues where we hear the word of God.
It’s delivered through testimonies and the sermon. Since nearly everyone I know
would confess that they don’t read their Bibles nor pray as often as they’d hope to,
ditching church on Sunday, often means abandoning the one time each week we
take in God’s word. And no…going on an Air 1 music binge won’t fill the gap!

Sunday Celebration is more than just a time to worship. It’s also about gathering
with other believers, growing in common belief, overcoming common challenges,
and most importantly, hearing testimonies and God’s word!

Take a few moments to reflect on where/how you commit yourself to hearing God’s
word. Ask yourself if you’re excelling in your faith and if playing “hooky” is having
any impact on that?

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