Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mentoring: Location, Location, Location - Pastor Chris

Kids screaming, waitresses interrupting, cappucino machines wooshing, people eavesdropping, does it really matter where you meet for mentoring?

I think so! How open is the person you are mentoring really gonna be when there are other people sitting next to you at starbucks within earshot. How focused are you really going to be if every 10 minutes a kid comes running into the room for a question or a phone rings that must be answered.

Finding a quiet spot to spend your mentoring time is difficult, I will admit that, but I believe it is necessary. This is not to say that you cannot meet other places once in a while. But I would encourage you to meet in a place conducive to open sharing. A place where there may be possibility for some serious discussion.

This really hit me last week. In one of my mentoring sessions we had some extremely open and honest conversation. Neither of us planned for it to go there, but the Holy Spirit led and we followed. Praise God we were in a quiet secluded place. If we were in any kind of public environment this conversation would never have happened.

Where do you do your mentoring, is it the best place or just the most convenient?


God Bless
Pastor Chris

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