Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Life Group: No Excuses - Frank Zummo Jr.

I don’t feel very good. My stomach hurts. My back hurts. I think I’m coming down with something. I should go straight to bed. After a day like today, I need to relax. I’d rather not be around any people tonight. Some “me” time is what I need. There’s a game on tonight. It’s too cold outside. It’s raining. Gas is too expensive. No one will miss me anyway. I’ve got to get up super early tomorrow. The kids have too much homework. I’m just buried at the office. We’re not going anywhere until this house is clean! I can’t find my pants. I have to wash my cat!

“We don’t have a cat Frank” my wife says, “now quit whining and get ready for life group!” Am I the only one who tries to talk my way out of going to life group? Doesn’t their always seem to be a good reason not to meet with your life group week after week? Why does it seem like there’s a weekly obstacle in our way to prevent us from doing life together with our church family? Could you imagine our Heavenly Father telling the angels that He’s too busy to meet tonight? Or Jesus complaining about being too tired to go to someone’s house? Of course not!!! Has God not called us? Has Jesus not died for us? Does the Holy Spirit not dwell in us? Uhhhhm is this a trick question?

I must confess that I have been guilty of trying to get out of going to life group once or twice. Now, granted, there are legitimate reasons for not making it, but more than not, they’re just excuses. And once I am there and singing songs, eating snacks, hugging family members, laughing, crying, praying, listening, learning, loving on others and being loved on by others, I forget all about my excuses and remember why it is so important to be doing life together! We are not in this alone! God’s Grand Design calls for us to come along side of one another and journey together and finish well the marathon that is before us! See you in life group.

Frank P. Zummo


  1. Great blog Frank. I appreciate the Encouragement.

    Pastor Chris

  2. Frank... Wow... You captured it.