Saturday, April 14, 2012

Life Group: "Here Come the Clampett's" - Michael White

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes!  We’ve been living out of boxes for the past week or so.  Have you ever experienced the adventure of navigating a new house through the maze of random furniture and boxes? If you hadn’t guessed, our family has recently moved from Highland back to Crestline to begin the next season of our lives. 

While my wife and I are excited about the new season, the stress of packing and moving was overwhelming.  Yet, in the scramble of life and transition, God revealed Himself through quiet blessings…none greater than in who showed up to help us move.  Our parents? No.  Our brothers and sisters? No.  Our closest co-workers? No.  Well then who?  Our Life Groups!

My family and I are so overwhelmingly blessed to belong to a community of people who love us deeply and are equally loved by us!  None of them share our last names yet stand in our lives as family.  Our children love them as aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents in Christ.  Julie and I love them as brothers, sisters, and parents in Christ.

For those of you that think Life Groups are simply modified bible studies, you’re missing the point and falling short of the mark.  Life Groups are just what their name signifies…groups of people doing “life” together.  They’re a new family bound by a mutual love of Christ.  We share common struggles, common joy’s, challenge each other and celebrate together!  That’s “life” right?

Don’t walk through life alone…join a Life Group and encounter Christ in a ways many don’t think are possible!

By Michael White


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  1. Michael:

    May God richly bless you and your family in this next season of life! And yes, I know the feeling of living "through the boxes."