Friday, April 6, 2012

Celebration - Pastor Paul

Mom is in the shower, dad is making the coffee, junior and sis are still sleeping in their beds!  The clothes are laid out, the car is clean, and somewhere else people are getting ready.  The neighbors are sleeping in, completely unaware of the importance of the moment.

Mom and dad awaken the kids who slowly emerge from the warm comfort of their beds.  Breakfast is ready, clothes are put on, and it is almost time to go.  Everybody gets their books and climbs into the family car.  Once in the parking lot it is time to greet old friends and make new ones.

Hit the potty, get some coffee, and find a seat because it is time to begin.  The band kicks it up, the preacher mixes it up, and God smiles!  His children have come home for a visit.  As the songs are sung the soul is fed.  When the sermon is preached minds are stretched.  Prayers are prayed, communion is eaten, and souls are saved.  Barriers are broken, fears are conquered, and broken stories are replaced with dreams.

Hugs and smiles encourage those who almost didn't come.  Prayers prayed and hands laid lift spirits and carry friends for another week.  Life Notes are tucked safely into Bibles where they will be ready for that weeks Life Group. Another layer was added to the foundation.  More branches grew on the tree.  The children who participated took another step toward their destiny.

The sleeping neighbors have just finished their cartoons and Sunday paper.  As they look out the window they notice their neighbors coming home from someplace with old books under their arms and hopeful smiles on their faces!  They wonder where they have been, and make a mental note to ask them about it.

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