Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lured by money and a pretty girl!

Lured by money and a pretty girl!

A Testimony by Michael White

In July of 1999, I was on the fast track to earn my first million dollars. Yes, you read
that right! I come from a family of six and seven figure entrepreneurs and I was
next in line. I too craved the high pressure, high dollar opportunities that made my
family what it is today. And like those who came before me, I have the drive to do it!

Unbeknownst to me, God had other plans. Again, in July of 1999, while attending
Primerica’s national convention in Atlanta, I heard the words that would rock my
world. In the midst of my relentless pursuit of money, at a convention to learn how
to get it, I heard our CEO say, “unless you’re living your life God first, family second,
and business third, you’ll fail or at least be miserable at everything you do.” Well, I
came home and began asking the Christian men in the office about Jesus. Imagine
that! In my search for money, I met the Lord!

A few weeks later, while out at a local bar…yes a bar (story for another day)…I
happened to be wearing a shiny, new WWJD bracelet that a young lady took interest
in. It happened to be a young lady that I had been crushing on for some time. Wow!
This God thing is working, so I thought! She even invited me to church at Calvary
Baptist (as NorthPoint used to be called). She and I went to church that Sunday (one
week before the sanctuary was set afire). To this day, I have never seen her again.
Unbelievable! In my pursuit of a pretty girl, God introduced me to my church family
of the past 12 years!

While that only scratches the surface of what God’s been doing to, for, and through
me, it’s one of the more amusing chapters of the story!

Who would have believed that God would reveal Himself to me through my pursuit
of money and pretty girls? He knew exactly where to find me. Brilliant!

Take a few moments to reflect on where and how God reveals Himself to you and
praise Him for how clever He is to choose those areas!

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