Sunday, July 24, 2011

Debt Debate Debacle

Friends: [A request for prayer with some personal opinion thrown in.]

Let me encourage all of us to pray for our leaders during these critical budget debates that are taking place in Washington. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents need to put their affiliations aside, put their jobs on the line if needed, and do what is right!

My personal prayer is that they will stop worrying about the debt ceiling---and come to grips with the debt problem!!! Another credit card with a higher limit is not the answer for a family, city, state, or country! The press is making a big deal about how the world will respond if we don't raise the debt ceiling. If we are actually listening to our largest creditors we will hear them expressing concern that we get our budget balanced and our financial house in order for the longer term. That is not to say we don't need to pay our bills in the short term. However, if we end up with national credit interest payments that are greater than our GDP our creditors will have a real and lasting disaster on their hands. And we will cease to exist as the nation we have known and loved. America simply cannot continue to spend billions and trillions more than she takes in!!!

Hard decisions need to be made, and kicking the problem down the road is not the answer. Pushing the debate out past the 2012 elections is a false political ploy. Let's make the debt, budget, and taxes an integral part of the presidential debates leading up to the next election. Don't rush to assemble another critical piece of legislation. Debate it thoroughly, examine it rigorously, and do it properly!

May God bless our leaders and give them His wisdom and grace to work together and do the right thing!

Blessing to you all,