Friday, June 3, 2011

Brooklyn, NJ

Hey Church Family:

Greetings from Brooklyn, NY.
What an amazing time we have had.

Yesterday we met up with Mr. Z in Manhattan.
We had lunch at his favorite Turkish restaurant!

Jennifer and Jeremy have gone out on visitation,
and watched SideWalk Sunday Schools.

We have been to staff meeting, and talked with interns from around the world.
I have spoken with young people from England, Russia, Switzerland,
Germany, and literally, around the world.

This week we have watched eighteen buses working five days a week with sixteen teams doing three sidewalks per day. This week Metro Ministries visited and taught a lesson to over 19,000 children. These are real numbers, and this is a real ministry. There are 140 staff and 40 of the interns.

Tomorrow the buses will go out three times for the local kids...
they will bring them back for three "indoor Sunday Schools."
They are setting up for 4,000 children!!!

Metro Ministries does not wait for anybody to come!!!
They go out and get them!!!

Last night we had a conversation with a young women from Berlin, Germany named Teresa. She is a white German girl who has spent her four month internship working four highrises in Harlem, yes Harlem!!! She gets the names of the kids and goes to their apartments to visit during the week. Then on their day, the truck pulls up, and they do the "sidewalk Sunday School." Teresa was sharing how she walks alone through the buildings, in Harlem, visiting the kids. I shared how amazed I was by her courage, faith, and conviction. At the end of our talk I asked her how old she was... the answer "17."

I look forward to seeing you all...
take care!